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A Book of Sleep

First published in England under the title ZZzzz: A Book of Sleep (2007), Na’s wonderfully illustrated debut is one of those bedtime books that children will likely turn to again and again. The text is spare but informative, and soothing in its rhythms: “When the sky grows dark / and the moon glows bright / everyone goes to sleep . . . except for the watchful owl.” In the double-page spreads that follow, Na presents a variety of animals at rest (“Some sleep peacefully alone, / While others sleep all together, huddled close at night”). However they sleep, these animals...


My First Gruffalo (little library)

Серия миниатюрных книжичек, которая вместе с Груффало и другими персонажами из темного леса познакомит с числами, цветами, противоположностями и животными. Отличный подарок для поклонников Груффало.